Our die casting factory was founded in 2010, factory occupies 8600㎡, and 120 staffs,We have hot chamber die casting machines and cold chamber die casting machines,Hot chamber die casting machines are 80T, 130T, 180T, total 6 sets,
Cold chamber die casting machines are 80T,130T,180T,280T, 400T, 600T, 800T, total 12 sets

Most of our die casting parts will be used on Electronic, Automotive, Lighting, Security, Household appliances, Industrial, sports equipment, Medical, etc.

We provide one stop casting part machining service as follows:
CNC machining
Lathe machining
Drilling &Tapping
Surface treatment

We provide Al die casting alloy part and Zinc alloy die casting part

Surface treatment are including Anode, Plate, painting, powder, polish, etc.

We use high standard quality raw material to ensure high quality parts,Al alloy raw material are ADC10,ADC12,A380,A356.
Zinc alloy raw material are:Zinc 3#,5#,

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, whether it is about die casting mold or alloy parts. We are able to provide you professional solution.

If you have new project on hand, please feel free to send us Inquiry to info@htmould.com or sales@htmould.com.
We will send quotation to you in 24 hours.

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