HT GROUP Established in 1999, after many years development and effort, It has grown to be a corporation with great influence in the field, So far we have 2 mold making / injection molding factories and one die casting part making factory and total over 400 employees, HT GROUP are able to meet our customer's most demands through the combined use of international state-of-the-art equipment and traditional mold/Tooling making & injection molding and die casting part experience, Our team engineers & mold makers with collective experience constantly strive to refine and perfect our skills, We are able to meet customer’s part quality request,

Our business service clusters:

What we do:
▪ Mold  Making 
▪ Plastic Part 
▪ Machining part /CNC &Turning milling part
▪ Die casting part / Al & Zamak casting part
▪ Investment casting part / Stainless  part
▪ Stamping part

We have exported thousands of quality molds to our global clients,

Most of customers are satisfied with our mold quality and keep long business relationship.

If you have any project of mold making or injection molding part service, please do feel free to send inquiry to

We will send the quotation to you in 2 days.


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